Mosquitoes can be much more than just an annoyance. In fact, these insects carry diseases that kill around 1 million people per year. For this reason, keeping mosquitoes away from your home and lawn, especially in a water-rich environment like ours, is a project worth investing some time and money into. One of the best approaches may be something you’re overlooking: using your sprinkler system with Mosquito Magician. You can use your existing sprinklers to help you keep mosquitoes from taking over your yard. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, you can contact Spillers Sprinklers Inc. to install one that will both water your yard and keep mosquitoes away:

  • Automated: A sprinkler system automatically keeps your yard watered at the proper intervals. Now you just have to add Mosquito Magician to the equation! Mosquito Magician is a safe pesticide that helps keep mosquitoes from making their home in your yard. There are numerous benefits to using irrigation-powered mosquito control in Southwest Ranches, FL. Spillers Sprinklers Inc. can set the sprinkler to spray Mosquito Magician across your yard, just like water.
  • Covers the whole yard: A sprinkler system is set up to water your entire yard. By having the sprinkler system deliver Mosquito Magician, it will cover your entire property, eliminating existing mosquitoes as well as their eggs. It also lasts for two weeks and won’t wash away in the rain. This, combined with regular yard maintenance and the elimination of standing water, will keep your lawn mosquito-free.
  • Safe for everyone: Mosquito Magician is specially formulated to target just mosquitoes and other lawn damaging insects. That means it won’t affect people, kids, pets or other general wildlife. You can have your sprinklers spray Mosquito Magician without any worry, keeping your mosquito control system in Southwest Ranches, FL running smoothly and without missing a beat.
  • Cost-effective: Mosquito Magician is an excellent and cost-effective way of dealing with your annual mosquito problem. All you have to do is keep your sprinkler system maintained, and Mosquito Magician will do the rest when dealing with the pests. Not only will it last for two weeks, but you won’t have to reapply the Mosquito Magician every time it rains. That means one dose every two weeks will be all you need for your mosquito control system in Southwest Ranches, FL!

Spillers Sprinklers Inc. takes pride in its approach to sprinkler installation and repairs. This includes making sure Mosquito Magician works with your system to act as a complete mosquito control system in Southwest Ranches, FL. Our sprinkler systems won’t just keep your yard properly watered, but also safe from mosquitoes. We’ve been in business for more than 20 years and are proud of the quality of our work and our service. We’re friendly, reliable and well trained to help you with your lawn care needs. Our team makes sure everything is connected perfectly and configured appropriately so you can start using your system right away. We also offer free estimates—get in touch today to arrange a consultation!