Mosquitoes are no fun, but unfortunately most ways of dealing with them are incredibly toxic. There seems to be few options for those who want to reduce the mosquito population in their yard without risking adverse effects to pets and wildlife. Fortunately for the savvy home or business owner, there are effective organic mosquito control methods available in Broward County, FL. Here are six of them to try today:

  • Avoid standing water: Mosquitoes require standing water to breed. A backyard pond is extremely helpful to them, but even a puddle will suffice. If you do not provide these prime egg-laying areas, mosquitoes will not hang around for long. Avoid standing water whenever possible—pay attention to where your sprinklers create puddles and control drainage on your property. This will cut your mosquito numbers way down, and you will not even have to spray anything.
  • Use coffee grounds: If standing water is unavoidable, coffee grounds may be your answer. Leave them in or near standing water, and that will prevent hatchlings from surviving. You can use cheap grounds, and unused grounds work better than used ones. However, your used grounds can have an effect, so this may be a useful alternative to composting them.
  • Expand your garden: Plant-based solutions can thrive in your garden and flower beds. Citronella and basil tend to have the biggest effect against mosquitoes. While most studies involve burning the oil from these plants, the plants themselves have repellent properties. You cannot rely on them completely, but they will help when you grow them in conjunction with using other methods. Also, you can harvest basil for cooking and enjoy the scent of citronella as it grows.
  • Increase airflow: Barns are often equipped with industrial fans, not only to help animals cool down, but to repel bugs. Most flying insects, including mosquitoes, do not like wind and thrive in stagnant air. Remove any abandoned structures and excessive brush to facilitate airflow. Place fans around your patio and seating areas to add more flow and scare away the bugs.
  • Start burning: Burning a smudge, thyme or basil can have some effects on controlling mosquitoes. For a smudge, use slightly wet vegetation and burn it in a fire pit. The smoke will chase the insects away. Throw thyme and basil into your fires with wood each evening to add more repellent. The herbs smell great when burned, and you will face fewer mosquitoes.
  • Install an organic pest control system: A nontoxic pest control system is a favorite option with homeowners. Some, like Mosquito Magician, attach to sprinkler systems and release the repellent with every watering cycle. Plants get watered, but mosquitoes are chased away. Besides being automatic, the repellent is non-toxic to pets, humans and beneficial insects. It also chases away fleas and ticks, which will make your animals more comfortable as well.

Spillers Sprinklers Inc. offers organic mosquito control methods for Broward County, FL customers, including Mosquito Magician. If you would like to learn more about this method and upgrade your irrigation system, call us today to schedule an estimate.