Drip systems, also known as micro mist or micro irrigation systems, work by providing frequent low volumes of water to an area of your yard. Rather than spray water across a large area, it concentrates it into the root system, allowing more water to be retained by the soil. These systems are becoming more popular as consumers value water conservation. Here are six benefits of drip systems in Broward County, FL that may convince you to install one:

  • Reduced water use: The most common reason for installing a drip system is water conservation. Besides concerns about the planet, frequent yard watering can also raise water bills. Drip irrigation reduces water use by 30 to 70 percent over conventional sprinkler systems. If you have a large yard, this can be a big budget saver.
  • Healthier plants: Some species of plants develop spots if water comes in contact with their leaves and blooms. In addition to this unsightly development, accumulated water on plants also leads to fungus, which can be difficult to treat. A drip system produces a steady application of water that goes directly into the soil. Water does not come in contact with plants, and that helps them grow better.
  • Weed control: One problem that arises with widespread watering is that your decorative plants and vegetable garden are not the only species that benefit from the constant water source. Weeds benefit, too. Drip systems are easier to keep contained to the spaces where you wish plant life to thrive. This reduces weed growth, and you can spend time enjoying your yard rather than pulling weeds.
  • Reduced effort: Like modern sprinkler systems, drip lines can also be programmed on a timer. You just need to set watering times and let the system do its job. There is little effort required on your part. Drip lines also require less maintenance than conventional sprinklers because there are fewer parts to repair. Sprinklers sometimes need adjustments to clear nozzles and adjust spray patterns. That becomes a thing of the past if you decide to go with drip lines.
  • Easier to customize: If you have an oddly-shaped plot or tight spots where a sprinkler cannot reach, drip irrigation can help. The flexible tubes can access these spots and make sure none of your plants are neglected. Drip lines also work better on sloped yards. When you install sprinklers on a slope, you risk most of that water running off to the bottom of the slope and creating waste. A concentrated drip line system reduces runoff and keeps water with your plants.
  • Better landscape management: It’s easier to apply antifungals or fertilizer with a drip line. Water soluble plant food can be added to the filters so it is administered straight to the roots. If you need to apply pest control or antifungals or treat a disease, the drip system allows watering without you worrying about that treatment joining your runoff.

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