Sprinkler Installations

Preventing problems with your irrigation system is as easy as staying up to date on minor maintenance. At Spillers Sprinklers Inc., we provide our customers with the option to enroll in an annual maintenance program, to give them peace of mind their system is always being cared for by a qualified professional.

Avoiding Costly Repairs

Looking for a smart way to keep your lawn and landscape looking fresh, verdant and healthy? A high-quality irrigation system could be just what you need. Not only can a good sprinkler system ensure your lawn and foliage remain green, it can also cut down on problems associated with pests, drought or lack of maintenance. Spillers Sprinklers Inc. is ready to help you explore the irrigation system that might be right for your property.

Helping You Make a Great Investment

As a leader among sprinkler system companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we offer unparalleled expertise when it comes to choosing and installing residential and commercial sprinkler systems. We’ll help you navigate everything from the size of the system to its scope of coverage, and even what features it might have. We also work with best-in-class brand names like Toro, Rain Bird and Sta-Rite, to ensure you’re getting maximum value.

Our expert sprinkler contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL take the time to help you assess your need for a sprinkler system, and we take pride in offering our customers the best selection of options to fit their need and budget.

Sprinkler system in the ground

Benefits of Partnering With Our Team

Beyond just providing the best products and exceptional service, there are numerous reasons to choose Spillers Sprinklers Inc. for your sprinkler installation. Some of the many benefits we leverage for our customers include:

  • Professional cleanup after installation
  • Rain sensors that shut the system off after a sufficient amount of rain.
  • Owner on-site for installations, repair and troubleshooting.
  • Superior service at a reasonable rate

Wi-Fi Sprinkler System Installations

Remotely monitor and control watering zones from your phone with a Wi-Fi enabled irrigation system. Wi-Fi sprinkler systems are a step above the standard sprinkler system as it lets you take control of your watering zones and sprinkler timing, no more fidgeting and digging out the manual, buried deep in your garage.

The automated system also integrates and connects to your existing lawn sprinkler system’s wiring and location, with professional installation, you can get your system up and running in no-time. Not only will it complete your home automation system but it has the ability to decrease your water usage and save money on your water bill. If you are interested in streamlining your lawn’s sprinkler system, be sure to inquire.

Our goal is to help you realize the full value and potential of a quality irrigation system, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure it.

Get Your Sprinkler System

Want to learn more about the many benefits of a tailored irrigation system on your property? Contact the pros at Spillers Sprinklers Inc. today at 954-258-2998 to get started. We’re ready to provide you with a free estimate on products and installation.