Lake systems in Broward County, FL are different in the species they host and the goals associated with them. One thing they all have in common is that they need to be under an effective management system that includes a regular maintenance routine. Whether you maintain a private pond or large public park, taking care of your lakes offers benefits in the long run. Here are six routines you should implement in your annual lake management program:

  • Treat algae: Lakes frequently attract nuisance weeds and algae due to their lush environment. Besides being unattractive, the growth can become dangerous to humans and aquatic life within the lake. There are systems using boats and pumps that will reduce algae and invasive weeds. The results will be a healthier, more natural aquatic system that enhances lake health.
  • Weed regularly: Besides controlling invasive plant growth within the lake or pond, you also have to address nuisance plants that grow on the shores and in the areas around the lake. Like invasive aquatic plants, these can also prove dangerous to local wildlife. Clear fields of nuisance vegetation to make room for native species. Create paths to enhance access for fishing, swimming or merely getting a good view.
  • Test for phosphorus: Excessive phosphorus is not good for your lake’s ecosystem. Hire a trained biologist or technician to test the water for phosphorus levels. If they are excessive, safe elements like Phoslock or aluminum sulfate can restore those levels to something safer. Failing to control the mineral load can result in toxic algae blooms, so it’s important to ensure that the lake contains the right minerals to support species.
  • Secure a biological assessment: Plant mapping and biological assessments determine which species live in your lake system and whether they are native or invasive. That will help determine the extent of your management plan and whether there are any elements that could threaten your lake’s or pond’s ecosystem. GPS and GIS can show the density of species, and you can compare these assessments each year to see if your lake is thriving or needs a little help with preservation.
  • Install containment curtains: You can control weed growth with benthic barriers and containment curtains. This can become essential if you have a spot in your lake that is more vulnerable to runoff or human contact. You can use the curtains to curtail dangerous plant growth and support the establishment of native species.
  • Consider air aeration systems: Some home ponds require an aeration system to support fish species with greater oxygen levels. An absence of native aquatic plants can make this necessary, but sometimes ponds create low oxygen levels for no discernible reason. An aeration system can reestablish that balance and help fish and plants thrive.

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