Mosquitoes have a way of making any outdoor activity unpleasant. This is especially the case when all you want to do is enjoy your yard without being descended upon by dozens of the tiny bloodsuckers. However, many homeowners are hesitant to employ aggressive control options because they do not want pesticides poisoning their property against pets and wildlife. Businesses, meanwhile, do not want to risk liability from people getting sick off pesticides.

That’s where Mosquito Magician comes in. It is safe for people, pets and the environment, but keeps mosquitoes away. Here is an overview of how this system can control pests at your Broward County, FL home or business.

How Mosquito Magician works

Mosquito Magician is an organic pesticide that is distributed through your sprinkler system. Basically, we install a reservoir system on your sprinklers so the pesticide releases every time you irrigate your yard. Your plants will continue to be watered safely, but your property will no longer be a safe haven for mosquitoes. The process is entirely automatic, so you do not need to contact additional pest control companies to spray your property.

The repellent is a combination of cedar, citronella, lemon grass, garlic, geraniol and rosemary oils. All of these essential oils have proven qualities in repelling bugs. Besides mosquitoes, this combination also repels fleas, ticks and fire ants. It also prevents pest larvae from developing into adults that can harass you and your household later.

Its benefits

The main benefit of Mosquito Magician is that it’s non-toxic. Unlike Deet and other pesticides, you do not need to be concerned about the health and safety of your pets and children. It is one of the safest options if you wish to be mosquito-free without the risk. The formula is safe for beneficial insects as well, so you do not have to worry about contributing to declining bee populations.

For that reason, Mosquito Magician can be applied across your entire property, even where you have wildlife and livestock. It will repel mosquitoes, but also kill them and their eggs so they cannot breed.

Another benefit is that you can set it up and forget about it. Just keep the reservoirs full and the pesticide is released every time your sprinklers run. When applied via your irrigation system, Mosquito Magician lasts up to two weeks and through most weather. If you have any doubts regarding whether it’s still effective, just run your sprinkler system and reapply the treatment.

We install these systems for homes and businesses alike. People report enjoying their pool parties more and experiencing bites less. Businesses can accommodate outdoor seating and worry less about people fighting insects. There is no doubt that Mosquito Magician makes a big difference in enhancing all kinds of outdoor environments.

If you are interested in Mosquito Magician, Spillers Sprinklers Inc. is a certified installer here in Broward County, FL. We can assess your property and provide an estimate before you proceed. Contact us today to get started on acquiring the best mosquito control system on the market.