Do you prefer a lush green lawn over a dry brown lawn? Obviously, your grass will need the right amount of water to stay healthy and alive. But some people are not lucky to live in an area that receives enough rainfall to thoroughly saturate the soil. If this is your situation, there is a way to get the right amount of water to your grass: install a sprinkler system.

Here’s how you can benefit from automatic sprinkler installation in Southwest Ranches, FL:

  • Convenience: There are some pros associated with watering your lawn and plants by hand. For instance, listening to the flowing water and just being outside can be a relaxing experience; it’s also a great time to reflect on life. But if you have a big lawn or are not physically able to water by hand, then you’ll enjoy the convenience of an automatic sprinkler system. All you need to do is set a timer for the sprinkler heads to automatically pop up and water at specific dates and times.
  • Water at ideal times: Your local water district and water conservation organizations will tell you that the best time to water your grass is early in the morning before the sun rises. Watering when the sun is not yet up minimizes evaporation, and it can also prevent the spread of disease that can present when lawns stay wet throughout the night. Unfortunately, many people don’t have time in the morning to hand water their lawns. In these situations, an automatic sprinkler can be a big help.
  • Avoid over watering: Many of today’s automatic sprinkler systems are designed with a feature to sense the weather and soil moisture. This allows the system to water your grass the right amount, and only when needed. What’s more is that these advanced systems will sense rain and automatically skip upcoming scheduled watering until the rain stops. This will help you avoid over-watering your lawn and save money on monthly water bills.
  • Better curb appeal: A thick green lawn is an aesthetically pleasing lawn. What’s not so attractive is having a garden hose snaked all over in front of your house. If you rarely put up the hose after each use, you might want to consider installing a home sprinkler system.
  • Safety: Hoses can become a trip hazard to you, your children, pets and visitors. The fantastic thing about automatic sprinkler heads is that they pop up out of the ground only when the system is scheduled to water the lawn. Once finished, they disappear. This makes sprinklers a safer and better-looking watering option.
  • Water when you’re away: Having an automatic sprinkler means your lawn will get watered even if you are not home. No more needing to ask someone to water your lawn when you’re on vacation, and no more coming home to a yellow or brown lawn!

To learn more about the advantages of residential automatic sprinkler installation in Southwest Ranches, FL, contact the helpful staff at Spillers Sprinklers Inc. today!