An underground sprinkler system gives you much more control over the watering of your lawn. Each system features an underground network of piping with strategically placed sprinkler heads in zones of the lawn to ensure even coverage. Pressurized water flows through the pipe and then up through the sprinkler heads. When the pressure ceases, the heads retreat back down to ground level.

Here’s a more detailed overview of how the main parts of sprinkler systems work in Southwest Ranches, FL.

Sprinkler heads

As previously noted, the sprinkler heads only pop up above the surface of the ground when pressurized water flows through the underground piping. When water goes through the pipe, the heads rise up and begin spraying water in their zones. Then, once the water is cut off, they go back underground. This operation prevents the sprinkler heads from becoming an obstacle or hazard, meaning you don’t have to worry about running your lawn mower over them, or your kids or dogs tripping over them and either hurting themselves or damaging the heads.

The sprinkler heads stay well above the ground to ensure the water actually covers its zone and that they do not get blocked by other large foliage in the area.

You’ll need to remember to clean off your sprinkler heads every now and then. If they get overloaded with grass and dirt, they could get stuck in their upright positions. In addition, people who live in areas that get freezing temperatures will need to remember to winterize their systems at the end of the year.


How and when the water comes on is determined by an electronic system that controls the opening and closing of the valves. The controller is attached to a series of valves in a box buried in the lawn, right at the start of the system. The primary water source comes into that box and then gets diverted out into different zones, each of which is controlled by a different valve. The controller then gets programmed to trigger and release each valve separately, depending on which area of your lawn you want to water and your specific watering needs at that time.

The controller determines when the valve opens, how much water it will deliver and how long the valves will remain open before the water shuts off. Most controllers will give you the option to either set a timer for regular watering intervals, or use a manual option to water when you think your lawn needs it. With a manual controller, you simply push a button when you want the system to go on, and again when you want it to shut off, but you’ll need to remember to water your lawn when it’s needed and turn off the device before you flood your yard.

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