When you’re designing your exterior surroundings, you may decide you want to go beyond a typical flower and shrub garden. Creating an edible landscape can add practicality to your landscape beds by providing both beautiful and edible plants. Of course, you’ll need proper fruit and vegetable garden irrigation in Broward County, FL to create a successful edible landscape.

If you are considering this type of project, use the following fruit and vegetable garden tips in Broward County, FL. For more information, consult with your local irrigation experts.

Consider the time commitment

An edible garden may sound easier than other types of landscapes, but keep in mind that it still requires a commitment of time. However, you can design a garden that offers minimal maintenance. For example, fruit trees and perennials require less year-round attention. Keep in mind that any annual plants can leave empty spaces in your garden once they are harvested. Have a plan for what to plant in their place, so your garden looks good in all seasons.

Consider the financial investment

As with any type of garden, edible landscapes aren’t free, and they can require significant investment. So, unless you have found the tree that has eluded everyone else and actually sprouts money, you’ll need to keep your budget in mind as you plan your edible garden. If your budget is smaller, you can buy seeds or smaller plants rather than mature trees. Look for a few fast-growing plants to fill in the space while you wait for your seedlings to grow. You can also stretch your budget by planting one thing at a time throughout the season, rather than planting everything all at once.

Consider the little ones

If you have children and/or pets, keep these little ones in mind as you plan your fruit and vegetable garden irrigation in Broward County, FL. Plan the garden and irrigation area carefully to avoid trampling by small paws and feet. Also make sure your children and furry friends can’t access any edibles that could be harmful to them. Key placement of the garden, as well as barricades such as fences or walls, can help protect your edibles.

Consider the layout

If you decide to move forward with your edible landscape, another important fruit and vegetable garden tip in Broward County, FL is to create a landscape with visual appeal. Keep it simple and balanced. Clearly define the garden space with an edge of berry plants, edging or a retaining wall. Plant vegetation in groups according to their type, sorted by color and texture. This organization will create an aesthetically-pleasing garden as well as attract beneficial insects.

Irrigate properly

Of course, proper fruit and vegetable garden irrigation in Broward County, FL is also necessary for a healthy edible landscape. For the best irrigation solution for your garden, contact the pros at Spillers Sprinklers Inc. Our experts install, repair and sell a wide range of sprinkler, irrigation and drip systems. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule your next service. We look forward to helping you maintain lush, inviting surroundings in the seasons ahead!