Regardless of the size of your lawn, you want to keep your landscaping looking as beautiful as possible throughout the year. Unfortunately, no matter how consistent you are with lawn care and watering, you might still be left with an unhealthy lawn due to certain types of lawn-damaging insects. These insects can destroy your lawn either by eating your grass, damaging the soil or nesting in it. To keep your lawn safe from these insects, it’s important to understand a little bit more about them and what you can do to protect your lawn.

Lawn-damaging insects

There are many different species of insects that have the potential to damage your lawn. Armyworms, cutworms and grubs are just a few of the different insects that can do serious damage to your lawn. Armyworms and cutworms both feed on blades of grass. These worms are actually larvae that become moths and, once they mature, they return to grass to lay their eggs. Grubs, meanwhile, are beetle larvae that are considered to be one of the most harmful lawn pests. Grubs feed on grass roots and burrow into the soil, causing extensive damage to lawns.

Identifying and removing insects

There are a few key signs that you can look for to determine whether you have an insect problem. At first, you might notice some wilting patches of grass. This might not seem like a very big deal, but this wilting will soon lead to browning, and eventually you will notice bare patches in your lawn. It’s important to deal with insects proactively as soon as you know that there’s a problem. The longer you leave insects to eat your grass and burrow in your soil, the more widespread the problem will become and the more challenging it will be to get rid of them.

The most effective way to address an insect infestation in your lawn is by using insect control products that are specifically designed for landscape maintenance. You can purchase one-time use products at a local garden center or home improvement store, but these solutions are typically only temporary and might not work effectively to keep insects at bay over the long haul.

For a more permanent solution, consider investing in mosquito control systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These systems are designed to consistently deliver an effective pest control product to get rid of insects that could harm your lawn, keeping your landscaping lush and healthy.

Check out mosquito control systems in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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