With spring on the horizon, many homeowners are starting to set aside time to care for and maintain their lawns to keep them growing as healthily as possible. Everybody wants a lawn full of lush, green grass to be proud of this coming summer. In order to have that, though, you need to be willing to put in the necessary time and effort.

One of the first steps you should take is working with one of your local irrigation companies in Southwest Ranches, FL to set up a sprinkler system that’s appropriate for your property. A sprinkler system will help you keep your grass watered throughout the day, but will significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend laboring to water it. Here are some more tips for growing a lush and healthy lawn:

  • Test your soil: One of the first things you should do when beginning lawn care is conduct a soil test. Soil types vary, and you need to understand the pH of your soil and its available nutrients to know how to best treat it. You can get a home kit, but working with a lawn care professional usually yields the best results.
  • Use fertilizer: Depending on the results of your soil test, find fertilizer that is appropriate for your type of soil and size of your lawn. Timing is everything when it comes to fertilizer; early spring is usually the best time to apply it so it kick-starts root development. Also, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Some fertilizers will have different requirements than others, and you don’t want to apply it incorrectly.
  • Pull weeds: Weeds start to sprout shortly after spring rains, and this is the best time to get rid of them, because they will not have established deep roots. Some weeds will be able to be pulled out by hand, while others may require the aid of chemicals.
  • Use sharp mower blades: Be careful to use sharp mower blades rather than dull ones, which can rip the blades instead of cutting them neatly, and may encourage the spread of diseases. Also, set the mowing height for the correct season. Try not to cut off more than one-third of the grass at a time, and mow high to start, lowering the blades as you go over the lawn again.
  • Do deep watering: Watering too shallowly will produce shallow roots in your grass that will lead to less healthy grass and more frequent watering. Instead, aim to water deeply, or about five inches into the soil. Irrigation companies in Southwest Ranches, FL can set you up with an automated sprinkler system, but you must know how much water it delivers in a set amount of time. To test how much water your sprinkler provides, put a pan near a sprinkler on your lawn, then time it to see how long it takes to deliver one inch of water. Then, set your watering timer accordingly.

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