Spring is in the air, and that means it is time to get your sprinkler system ready for the new growing season. Most homeowners and business owners have their sprinkler systems turned off during winter because vegetation is dormant. Thus, you may assume that getting your sprinkler system ready is merely a matter of turning the system back on again; however, this is not true.

Spring is an important time to have maintenance done and to get sprinkler repair in Southwest Ranches, FL. By going through and checking over the complete sprinkler system after months of dormancy, you can be sure that your sprinkler system will be in complete working order once you need it to keep your lawn growing green.

You can do a short sprinkler system check yourself, but it’s probably best left to a professional in case something is wrong with your system. Whether you do it yourself or let a professional handle it, here’s what to expect when getting your sprinkler system up and running for spring:

  • Check the soil: Starting your sprinkler system too early can damage your pipes, as the ground may not be warm enough yet to effectively run the system. Use a shovel to ensure the ground is soft 12 inches deep.
  • Check individual sprayer heads: Sand, dirt and other debris can easily clog your sprinkler heads, obstructing the flow of water. Check each individual sprayer head and clean them, or replace the ones that have been chipped or cracked. Having all of your sprinkler spray nozzles clean and intact ensures a properly and evenly-watered lawn.
  • Check valves and pumps: Before you turn the water back on, verify that all the valves on your sprinkler system are intact and not worn down. If they are very worn, they should be replaced, or else they may spring a leak and waste water. This is also a good time to check the pump and conduct sprinkler pump repair in Southwest Ranches, FL if necessary.
  • Turn water valve on: When turning the main water valve back on to your sprinkler system, it’s very important to do it slowly. Letting water enter the pipes slowly will decrease the risk of high water pressure bursting your pipes and causing damage to the entire system. You absolutely do not want to turn it from zero water to full blast. This process needs to be gradual and controlled.
  • Turn on one station at a time: Once the water is on, run a test of each zone of your sprinkler system. Walk through your property while each zone is running to check for strange leaks, geysers or low pressure in certain places. Ensure that all sprayer heads are operating correctly and the lawn is being watered evenly in each area, and your sprinkler system should be set for spring!

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