The mosquitoes are always a nuisance in warm, humid environments like Florida. But what you might not know is that pregnant women are especially attractive to mosquitoes that are flying around looking for someone to bother. Numerous studies back up the hypothesis that pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitoes, likely because they are breathing more due to carrying around extra weight. This means they produce more carbon dioxide, which is attractive to mosquitoes. In addition, pregnant women have a warmer body temperature on average, which is also a big factor that attracts mosquitoes.

For the most part, mosquito bites are no more dangerous to pregnant women than they are to anyone else. Still, if you’re pregnant and are sick of dealing with being swarmed by mosquitoes, you’re probably going to want to figure out ways you can mitigate the issue.

With this in mind, here are some tips for mosquito pest control in Fort Lauderdale, FL for pregnant women:

  • Clothing color: The color of clothing you wear can make a big difference in keeping mosquitoes at bay, believe it or not. As a general rule, you should wear light-colored clothing—mosquitoes that come out to bite during the day are going to be more attracted to dark-colored clothing. Part of the reason for this is that dark colors attract warmth, which in turn attracts mosquitoes.
  • Sleeves: You should also try to wear long sleeves and long pants whenever possible. This is understandably going to be problematic for pregnant women—you’re already dealing with the hot Florida sun and humidity, and adding in pregnancy just makes you even more annoyed with the heat. But those sleeves can really help you protect yourself against mosquitoes in the area, as they won’t be able to pierce most types of clothing.
  • Clothing fit: The fit of your clothing can also make a difference. While mosquitoes aren’t going to be able to pierce many types of clothing, it becomes much more likely that they’ll be able to if you’re wearing very tight-fitting clothes. Therefore, you should make it a point to wear looser-fitting clothing so you can go the extra mile to protect yourself from attacking mosquitoes.
  • Citronella candles: If you’re sitting outside and want to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces without constantly being buzzed by mosquitoes, Citronella candles can provide you with a bit of protection, as can campfire smoke or tiki torches. You also don’t have to worry about these candles being at all harmful to your baby.
  • Certain type of repellents: You should use mosquito repellents that have been tested by and registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Products that contain DEET are safe for pregnant women at reasonable amounts. If you already have a baby, you should not use DEET on babies of less than two months old, and even after that there are some restrictions as to the levels you’re allowed to use on children. But while pregnant, as long as you’re not bathing yourself in it, you should be fine.

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