Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects. That doesn’t just mean they’re heartless and brutal creatures, though—being cold-blooded means that they can’t control their body temperature, so their internal temperature depends on the environment around them. Since that’s the case, it makes sense that the weather plays a significant role in their behavior. Continue reading to learn more about mosquitoes’ behavior and what the team at Spillers Sprinklers Inc. can do for mosquito control in Southwest Ranches, FL.


It’s no surprise that we get a lot of rain in Southwest Ranches. Though it keeps our lawns lush and green, all of that rainfall creates a plague of mosquitoes. These pests breed and lay their eggs in standing water, like puddles. In fact, a female mosquito only needs an inch of water to lay up to 200 eggs! The more standing water we have, the more mosquitoes we end up with in the following weeks. That’s why it’s important to use a squeegee to get rid of puddles in your driveway and dump out standing water from things in your yard, like birdbaths or old tires.

Hot weather

You’ve probably noticed that mosquito activity really ramps up when the temperature starts to rise. You’re much more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes during the summer, especially around dusk and dawn. Being bitten isn’t just frustrating—it can also be dangerous. Studies have shown that West Nile Virus is amplified when it’s hotter out. Be sure to always wear mosquito repellent when you’re outside this summer. If you’re constantly bitten in your yard, it’s not a bad idea to call us for mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL to get some assistance.

Cold weather

Mosquitoes hate cold weather. In fact, some species can’t even survive the winter. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really help us in Florida! However, you should notice a decrease in mosquito activity once fall rolls around. If you’d really like to live a mosquito-free life, head up north for the winter!

What can be done to prevent mosquitoes?

The good news for homeowners is that mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL isn’t all that difficult. In addition to getting rid of standing water, you can mitigate mosquito activity in your yard by installing a sprinkler system with Mosquito Magician. This all-natural product will kill all of the mosquitoes in your yard and keep them from coming back for quite a while. It runs simultaneously with your sprinkler system, so you can turn it on and forget all about your mosquito problem!

One of our professionally-installed sprinkler systems will help get rid of mosquitoes and keep your yard looking nice and green all year long—it’s a win-win scenario! Give us a call today to schedule consultation for sprinkler installation with Mosquito Magician.

Don’t suffer through biting mosquitoes this summer. Install a sprinkler system and make sure your yard is mosquito-free! Spillers Sprinklers Inc. has years of experience with mosquito control in Southwest Ranches, FL, so you can trust that we’ll handle your pest problem once and for all.