Your sprinkler system keeps your lawn and landscaping looking great and thriving, no matter what the weather forecast brings. Sprinkler systems are designed to deliver consistent, reliable performance, but they are susceptible to some common issues that can impede their proper operation. The good news is that many common problems with sprinkler systems can be fixed with some basic sprinkler care in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Why your sprinkler system isn’t working

There are a lot of different reasons why sprinkler systems might stop working effectively, but one of the most common issues with sprinkler systems—and one of the easiest to fix—is an accumulation of debris in your system. Sprinkler systems naturally accumulate some dirt and debris over time. In small quantities, these particles might not affect your sprinkler system’s performance, but a buildup of debris will eventually prevent your system from working the way it’s supposed to. It’s important to take care of this issue as soon as possible to prevent ongoing issues with your sprinkler system.

How to fix the problem

For the best results, you should clean out your sprinkler system at least once a year. If you don’t notice any issues with your sprinkler system, you should still clean it out in the early spring, since it is likely to accumulate debris throughout the winter when it’s not being used heavily. When issues arise with your sprinkler system, you should clean it out to remove clogs and obstructions that might inhibit performance.

To clean out your sprinkler system, you should start by removing the sprinkler heads using an Allen wrench or screwdriver. Holding the body of the sprinkler nozzle, remove the cap by unscrewing it in a counterclockwise direction. Pull off the sprinkler cap and then pull the sprinkler nozzle body out of the ground. Use a paperclip or small Allen wrench to pop the filter screens out from the nozzle body. Wash the screens in a bowl of soapy water to clear away debris, silt and pebbles that have accumulated in the nozzle bodies.

After cleaning the screens, rinse each of your sprinkler nozzle bodies out using a garden hose or faucet. Once you’ve rinsed all of your screens and nozzle bodies, put the screens back in place and install your nozzle bodies back into your sprinkler system. Test your sprinkler system after cleaning it to ensure that everything has been reinstalled properly and is working the way it should. Double check all of your sprinkler settings and configurations to make sure that they are properly calibrated.

Get help with sprinkler maintenance in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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