When a building is flooded, the first concern is always about making sure everyone is all right, and then you worry about the damage the water caused. One part of water damage that may not come to mind right away is how the flooding affected your sprinkler system. It’s not an obvious issue, but the water can have a major impact on your building’s safety equipment. Knowing how it can be damaged is the first step in spotting it and then getting it repaired by a business specializing in sprinkler maintenance in Southwest Ranches, FL. Here are some of the ways flooding can directly impact the sprinkler system:

  • Control panel moisture: Fire alarm panels are complicated pieces of machinery. They feature many circuit boards that, if exposed to moisture, can cause problems. This can lead to shorts or a false positive. If the water wasn’t too bad, the system will be fine after it’s dried out. Too much water damage will cause irreparable damage to the system. In this case, you’ll need to replace it. Sometimes this may be just a single component that fried, while in other cases the whole panel will need to be replaced by a business that specializes in sprinkler pump repair in Southwest Ranches, FL.
  • Fire alarm monitor: Another panel, this one is often located lower in the building, making it more susceptible to water damage during a flood. If exposed to water, this panel usually needs to be replaced. A simple replacement isn’t much of an expense, but if the wiring is corroded by the water, it may need to be completely replaced. The wires between the panel and monitoring system can be long and costly. If this sort of problem occurs, you’ll need to have fire watch protocols in place to protect your building while the monitor isn’t working.
  • Sprinkler pumps: You may not think sprinkler pumps are at risk of being damaged by water, but the electrical components controlling them are. These are normally located near the control valves in the lower levels of the building, again making them susceptible to water damage during flooding. If the sprinkler pump controls get wet, you’ll likely need to replace them. You’ll also need to check for corrosion in the wiring, which can once again lead to a need for major re-wiring. A business that specializes in sprinkler pump repair in Southwest Ranches, FL can help point out what needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Smoke detectors and pull stations: Smoke detectors can be individual detectors or hooked up to the fire alarm system. The pull stations help manually activate the sprinklers and fire suppression system. If either of these are affected by water, you’ll want them to be checked out. They may require replacement. You’ll want to test the old devices and, if they get replaced, the new ones as well.

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