Most residents of Florida can attest to the large swarms of mosquitoes that threaten the fun and relaxation of summer. Mosquitoes can leave angry, itchy bites on your arms and legs and can sometimes be annoying enough to drive you inside on a bright and sunny day. Not only that, but mosquitoes can carry diseases, such as the Zika virus, which can cause a variety of symptoms and serious health effects for pregnant women.

In order to fight off these pesky bugs, more and more homeowners are installing mosquito control systems in Southwest Ranches, FL. These systems are designed to spray a pesticide across your property to kill bugs and prevent infestations. If you are looking for a way to control mosquitoes on your property, read on to see if an automated misting control system is for you.

What is an automated mosquito misting system?

Automated mosquito misting systems are systems that spray pesticides in a fine mist across your property. The mist is spread through spray nozzles positioned across the lawn; however, these systems can also be set up to integrate directly into your sprinkler system. Automated systems can sometimes be pre-programmed to spray at particular times, or might be turned on using a remote or switch.

The pesticides sprayed by the mosquito control system are designed to kill mosquitoes and other insects, repel adult insects and prevent the hatching of new ones. There are a variety of available pesticide products for these systems. Most include pyrethrins and permethrin, but you should check the labels to read the full list of ingredients before use.

Are these systems safe?

One concern many homeowners have about these systems is whether they are safe for humans and pets. According to the EPA, the pesticides most often used in these mosquito control systems only last short periods of time in the environment, and therefore pose minimal risk to humans when used correctly.

There are also products available on the market that are extremely safe for humans and pets. These products do not use chemicals, but rather mix organic products like essential oils to effectively kill and repel insects. We recommend using these organic pesticides if you are concerned about the safety of your pets and the environment.

Benefits of mosquito control systems in Southwest Ranches, FL

Automated mosquito misting systems provide homeowners with numerous benefits. Primarily, they add a premium level of convenience when integrated into your home’s sprinkler system. In one automated system, you can both water your lawn and spray effective pest repellent.

Additionally, these systems can help protect you and your family from the potentially negative effects of Zika virus spread by mosquitoes. By ridding your property of harmful pests, you can remain happy, healthy and safe all summer long.

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