Sprinklers help maintain your yard, keeping the lawn healthy and green, but they also require maintenance themselves. If there’s a problem with them, you’ll want to contact a business that specializes in sprinkler repair in Southwest Ranches FL immediately. Sprinklers that aren’t operating at 100 percent will leave dry areas on your lawn that will start to brown out. On the other side of the coin, the sprinklers can also overwater part of the lawn, causing diseases and weeds. You’ll want to do what you can to keep them working smoothly.

Leaky sprinklers

A leaky sprinkler will lead to less pressure, meaning the water won’t reach as far and as consistently. The most common causes of a leaky sprinkler are lawn mowers or vehicles running over the sprinkler heads and damaging them. A leaky sprinkler causes lots of problems. The loss of pressure means water doesn’t reach as far as it should. The leaks also lead to water gathering near the leak, causing overwatering. You’ll also see a higher water bill. You may be able to fix some leaks yourself, but others will need certified sprinkler system repair in Southwest Ranches, FL.

Clogged sprinklers

On the other hand, there are clogged sprinklers. Sprinklers can get debris, like dirt, grass and rocks lodged inside them. These can partially block the sprinkler, causing problems similar to a leaky sprinkler. The clog can lead to less range, creating underwatered areas of your lawn. In some situations, the fix is simple—turn off the water and unscrew the top portion. You’ll want to remove the filter, rinse the filter and the nozzle and then put them back. If that doesn’t work and the clog still appears to be there, you may want to contact a provider of sprinkler system repair in Southwest Ranches, FL.

Overspray and blockage

If your sprinkler head is hit or knocked over, it can cause problems for your lawn. An incorrectly positioned sprinkler can overspray, making water land outside your lawn. That’s a waste of water and an unnecessary increase to your water bill. Your sprinkler can also be blocked. A rock near the sprinkler head can block water from reaching the lawn. Other issues can be caused by trash cans, toys and fallen branches blocking the flow of water. You’ll want to keep the area around the sprinkler head clear and well maintained.

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