Finding space for everyone to hang out and eat during the holidays can be a bit of an issue, especially if you have a large group coming over to celebrate. That’s where your backyard can really come in handy—that is, until nasty mosquitoes come around and ruin everyone’s fun. Keep reading to learn why mosquito control for the holidays in Fort Lauderdale, FL is so important at your home:

  • More outdoor recreation: Keeping the whole group entertained throughout the holidays is always a bit of a challenge, but if you can utilize the backyard, it doesn’t have to be! Set up a volleyball net or other outdoor games to keep everyone busy. As long as mosquitoes are kept at bay, everyone will be happy and entertained while dinner is in the oven.
  • Outdoor dining options: Unless you have a massive dining table, finding a place to eat can be tricky during the holidays. That’s when an outdoor dining set can be a smart investment. Ensure you’re able to dine in your backyard by getting all of those mosquitoes under control!
  • Happy pets: Your human guests won’t be the only happy ones if the mosquitoes are gone—your pets will be pleased, too. Your cats and dogs will be a lot calmer and more comfortable if you can keep the mosquitoes off their coats.
  • Less stressful hosting: All of the points above come together to make your life as the host a lot easier. As long as you can get rid of the mosquitoes and have everyone stay outside, you can focus your attention on dinner preparation or other facets of the holiday festivities.

Why install Mosquito Magician?

Handing out bug repellent and lighting some citronella candles won’t cut it if you want your yard to be totally mosquito free. For the best mosquito control for the holidays in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you’ve got to use Mosquito Magician! Here are the benefits of this system:

  • Kill mosquitoes and eggs: As soon as the liquid is sprayed, Mosquito Magician kills all of the existing mosquitoes and eggs on your property. You won’t have to worry about the adults biting or the eggs hatching!
  • Create a barrier for future breeding: Mosquitoes fly from yard to yard, biting and wreaking havoc, but not if you have Mosquito Magician. The system acts like a force field, preventing mosquitoes from disturbing your property.
  • Weatherproof protection: There’s no need to worry about Mosquito Magician rinsing away after a storm. The liquid clings to the grass and vegetation for weeks at a time, ensuring long-term protection for your lawn.
  • Safe for humans and pets: The best part of Mosquito Magician is that it’s safe for everyone except mosquitoes! You can rest easy knowing that your pets and children aren’t endangered by the spray.

Don’t suffer from mosquito bites this upcoming season. Instead, install Mosquito Magician for ultimate mosquito control for the holidays in Fort Lauderdale, FL! At Spillers Sprinklers Inc., we’re a certified dealer and installer of Mosquito Magician. Call us today to learn more about this fantastic system.