A lawn will benefit greatly from proper sprinkler system installation and use, but you must keep up with regular maintenance to avoid problems. Additionally, make sure you’re watering smartly throughout the year—and this includes not giving your lawn too much water. Here’s what sprinkler contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL want you to know about the perils of overwatering your lawn.

Indications of an overwatered lawn

A healthy lawn can do a lot for the environment. Grass cools and cleans the air, filters out pollutants from groundwater and even helps to reduce noise. A beautiful lawn also increases curb appeal and property value, but maintaining a healthy lawn can be challenging. Overwatering, for example, can cause all sorts of problems for lawns. Signs of overwatering include brown patches, fungus growth and standing muddy water, which can lead to a compromised root system, vulnerability to insects, disease and weeds, trouble tolerating drought and increased thatch.

Watering requirements for your lawn

How much water your lawn needs will vary depending on the time of year, the climate where you live, soil conditions, exposure to sun and shade, the species of grass and how well it’s cared for. But the simplest way to prevent overwatering is to water it only when it tells you it’s thirsty. Dry, brittle grass blades and dry soil a few inches down are indications of drought stress.

Signs your grass needs water

It’s important to be aware of the signs of a thirsty lawn. Look for leaf blades folding lengthwise, as well as a change in color (a blueish gray is not good). Wilting in mature grass is another sign of drought stress, but it can also just be underdeveloped blades. Finally, you shouldn’t leave behind footprints in the grass. Healthy grass springs back quickly, while thirsty grass remains squished down.

Ways to ensure a healthy, well-watered lawn

Under-watering a lawn can be just as detrimental as overwatering it. Below are some suggestions to help you water smarter:

  • Water earlier in the morning: The best time to water your lawn is in the early morning hours, ideally before 10 a.m. Cooler temperatures keep water evaporation to a minimum and keep the grass cool during the hottest times of the day. Cool grass on hot days equals a less stressed lawn.
  • Get a timer: An automatic sprinkler timer saves you time and worry that the grass is not getting enough water. Simply set it to the days and times you want the lawn watered, then go about your business!
  • Reassess your sprinkler system: Check your irrigation system periodically to ensure it’s functioning properly. Fix damage and replace worn parts as soon as possible.
  • Get a wi-fi sprinkler installation: With a wi-fi sprinkler system installation, you can remotely monitor and control watering zones from the convenience of your smartphone. Everything your system needs to know about your watering zones and sprinkler timing will be right there.

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