Insect control is an essential aspect of lawn care and maintenance, but it can be challenging to keep up with this if you aren’t equipped with the right tools or techniques. Without consistency and the proper pest control methods—and a little help from your trusted sprinkler contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL—you might be left with an infestation of insects that damages your lawn and potentially even poses a health risk to you and other people on your property. Read on to find out more about how to effectively bug spray your lawn for consistent pest control throughout the year:

  • Start with the right products: If you want to effectively target insects on your property, make sure you are using the right insect control products. You can find products at a local hardware store or garden center. When you’re buying an insect control product, consider the size of your lawn, the types of plants you have on your property and the specific species of insects that you want to target. Use all of these various factors to determine which product is going to be most effective for your property. You can also consult a professional for product recommendations based on your particular needs.
  • Spray throughout the year: A lot of property owners think that spraying for bugs is only necessary once a year, but you should actually spray your lawn once every three months. It’s a good idea to spray for bugs at the beginning of each season since it’s easier to remember and allows you to get the best possible results from your insect control products. Spray your lawn in early spring before plants start to bloom to get rid of the insects that have been dormant in your yard over the winter months. Spray again in summer at least once, and potentially again if you notice any signs of insect damage to your lawn. Finally, spray one more time during the fall to target ants and water bugs.
  • Consider working with a professional: If you’re struggling to keep insects at bay because of the size of your yard or the hassle of constant spraying, you should consider getting professional help to install a more permanent pest control solution. Sprinkler contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL can install a pest control lawn spray system that will automatically deliver your chosen insect control product to your lawn on a routine basis. This allows you to effectively stay on top of pest control for your property without taking on the hassle or inconvenience of manual spraying.

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At Spillers Sprinklers Inc., we recognize the important of pest control for property owners, and that’s why we’re proud to provide insect control systems to our customers. Our team of sprinkler contractors in Fort Lauderdale, FL has been serving the community since 2006, and we continue to deliver top-notch sprinkler systems, irrigation services and pest solutions to our customers. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, our team is here to help you find the products and services that are right for you. Set up a consultation and service quote by giving us a call today!