When your sprinkler system is working well, it provides your lawn and the rest of your landscaping with the nourishment that it needs. If for some reason there is an issue with your system and you find that you need more than basic sprinkler maintenance in Southwest Ranches, FL, the health of your lawn could be jeopardized. That is why your local sprinkler repair company is here to offer a few troubleshooting tips that might be able to get your system going again.

Pump isn’t running at all

For starters, here’s what to do if the pump isn’t running at all:

  • Check your circuit breaker: Sprinkler pump motors typically run on 115 or 230 volts of AC electricity, and sometimes the issue might be as simple as replacing a blown fuse or resetting your breaker. Make sure that you have turned off the power to your electrical box, and then visually inspect the condition of the wiring and fuses or breakers.
  • Pump motor voltage is too low: Check the voltage of the pump motor when it is trying to run, and then compare that with the base voltage that is supposed to be delivered to the motor when it is at peak efficiency. If the voltage at your motor is more than 5 percent less than the specified base voltage, there might be a loose connection with your wiring that needs to be adjusted.
  • Bad motor: If you have inspected some of these other electrical components and find that your motor is still not running effectively enough for your sprinklers to operate normally, the issue might be with the motor itself. If this is the case, the motor will either need to be repaired or replaced.

Motor is running but no water is being delivered

If you can hear the motor running but see that no water is coming out, there might be a leak or hole that is allowing air to enter somewhere along the suction pipe. In order to deliver water to your sprinkler consistently, this suction pipe has to be airtight. If your pipe is in good condition but it is not down far enough and is not making proper contact with your water source, it won’t be able to effectively suck the water into the pipe. Alternatively, your pipe might be down too far and buried in dirt.

Pump only runs temporarily

If your pump seems to work fine, but then shuts itself off after running for a short period of time, the issue might lie within the electrical wiring. Usually when this happens it is because the wiring that is being used to power the system is incorrectly sized and not a heavy enough gauge, and is therefore unable to fulfill the demands of the system.

If you need help diagnosing your specific issue, contact the team at Spillers Sprinklers Inc. right away. We understand the importance of a finely-tuned sprinkler system and its operation, which is why our knowledgeable staff is ready to help remedy whatever issues you are having so that your lawn can once again get the care it needs. To restore both your sprinkler system and the health of your lawn with sprinkler maintenance and sprinkler repair in Southwest Ranches, FL, give us a call today.