We’ve all been bothered by mosquitoes at one time or another, especially during the summer. But did you know that all mosquitoes aren’t the same? It’s true! In fact, Florida has 80 different species of mosquito. The good news is that not all 80 of these bite and cause problems for us and our pets.

That doesn’t mean that we can sit back and feel comfortable, though. There are still 33 species of mosquitoes in Florida that bite, 13 of which can make people seriously sick. Continue reading to learn about some of the worst species of mosquitoes and how you can protect yourself from annoying bites and dangerous diseases with a mosquito repellent system in Southwest Ranches, FL:

  • Ades aegypti: Also known as the yellow fever mosquito, Ades aegypti transmits its namesake disease like none other. In addition to transmitting yellow fever, Ades aegypti can carry Zika, Chikungunya and dengue. Ades aegypti is found throughout Florida and feeds on victims throughout the day.
  • Ades albopictus: You may know Ades albopictus by its common name, the Asian tiger mosquito. Like Ades aegypti, this pest transmits dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya. The Asian tiger mosquito feeds on humans, dogs and pretty much all other mammals. Also like Ades aegypti, this mosquito is found statewide and feeds during the daytime.
  • Anopheles albimaus: The good news about Anopheles albimaus is that it isn’t found everywhere in Florida. The bad news is that it lives among us down here in south Florida. This nasty mosquito carries malaria and breeds in tree holes. If your property has a lot of trees, it’s more important than ever to call us to learn more about mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL.
  • Anopheles crucians: Like our nemesis mentioned in the previous point, Anopheles crucians is known to carry malaria and feeds on all mammals. This pest is found across Florida and bites both day and night. Unless you have a proper repellent system, you’re not safe from Anopheles crucians!
  • Culex declarator: This mosquito is relatively new to Florida. Though it hasn’t been identified yet in Southwest Ranches, it’s been found to the north and south of us. Culex declarator is linked to cases of St. Louis encephalitis in South America. This is definitely one to keep an eye on, as encephalitis is potentially lethal!
  • Culex nigripalpus: The Culex nigripalpus is a scary one for both you and your pets. This mosquito is known to transmit St. Louis encephalitis, West Nile virus and heartworms. Culex nigripalpus typically only feeds at night, so you’re safest from its bite if you stay inside once the sun sets. The best way to keep it off your property, though, is to install a mosquito repellent system in Southwest Ranches, FL.

Don’t make yourself victim to any of the 33 biting species in Florida! Give Spillers Sprinklers Inc. a call today to learn how our sprinkler repellent system with Mosquito Magician can be your best option for mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL. Mosquito Magician makes your yard inhospitable for all species, kills eggs and is safe for humans and pets. Get in touch to learn more!