Many homes across the country have sprinkler systems installed in their front and back yards. It’s easy to see why—automatic sprinklers are convenient! All you need to do is set a schedule according to your lawn’s watering needs and the season, and then let the system do its thing. However, you should observe the sprinklers in action and inspect them from time to time to ensure everything is in good working order.

Regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting sprinkler system. Here are six telltale signs you need sprinkler repair in Broward County, FL:

  • Dead grass: One of the most obvious signs that your sprinkler system is on the fritz and needs a checkup is dead or dying grass. The most likely culprit is a faulty sprinkler head that’s only spraying water over some of the lawn, not the entire area. These particular areas of lawn are parched, meaning water is not reaching all corners of the yard. If your grass is in desperate need of water and doesn’t get it soon, the grass may be beyond the point of rescue. Act quickly to avoid having to reseed your lawn.
  • Soggy spots: Another clear indication of sprinkler issues is saturated spots on your lawn. In fact, grass should not be soggy after the sprinklers turn off. It’s important to note that over-watering can be just as much of a problem to lawns as under-watering, whether the presence of too much water is due to operator error or a sprinkler malfunction. Your sprinkler system could be leaking, or the sprinkler heads might not be rotating properly. An expert can figure it out for you.
  • Sputtering sprinkler heads: Sprinkler heads shouldn’t sputter—if they do, they can cause under- or over-watering in some patches of grass. When the system is on, all the sprinkler heads are supposed to shoot water evenly over your lawn. Sputtering can be the result of pressure problems, issues with the interval valves, a head that was knocked out of alignment or a clogged head.
  • Water pressure issues: If water is dripping out of the sprinkler head, or shooting out too fast, chances are there’s a pressure issue somewhere inside the sprinkler system. The usual suspects are valves and regulators. Getting your sprinkler system repaired can help extend its life.
  • Stuck sprinkler heads: There are sputtering sprinkler heads, and then there are sprinkler heads that are simply stuck in place. Whether the system is on or off, sprinkler heads may remain sticking up out of the ground or in the down position. Either position can result in mud puddles and soggy patches.
  • High water bills: Higher than normal water bills may indicate a leak in your sprinkler system. Take a look at your water bills for the same time last year and compare usage rates.

If you live in Broward County, FL and notice signs that you need sprinkler repair, pick up the phone and call Spillers Sprinklers Inc. Our experts are ready to assist you with all your home or commercial sprinkler needs!