One of the most important steps you can take to keep your landscaping in good condition is to ensure you have proper irrigation systems set up, which you will also need to keep well maintained. Therefore, if you have a sprinkler system on your lawn, it is important to schedule seasonal checks, including when you prepare to winterize the system each fall as well as when you prepare it for usage in the spring.

These sprinkler system checks in Southwest Ranches, FL are best left to professionals, who have a significant amount of experience in dealing with sprinkler systems and know exactly what they should be looking for during these service appointments. Staying on top of these appointments will help you cut down on your water consumption, increase your energy efficiency and prevent potential property damage caused by leaks you might not otherwise notice.

Your fall sprinkler system checks

With winter well on its way, now is the time of year to prepare your system for the offseason, even if that offseason is shorter here in Florida than in many other parts of the country. There are a lot of potential hazards to your sprinkler system during the winter months—melting snow, frozen ground, cold temperatures, snow, cold rains—and all of these issues could potentially cause some problems with your sprinkler system.

As such, you should make sure you fully drain and inspect your sprinkler system each fall to prepare it for the offseason. Your irrigation professional will carefully inspect the entire system to make sure it’s clear of water and free of any potential leaks.

The fall seasonal irrigation checks tend to be a bit more complicated than those that occur in the spring. Generally, if you’re able to turn on the system in the spring and have it work as expected, you’re not going to have to worry about performing any additional work. It is during the fall checks that you must take all of the proper steps to ensure you’ll be able to start the system up again after winter is over without running into any issues.

Keep in mind that a failure to remove all water from pipes, nozzles and any other areas of the system could result in significant damage if that water freezes and then expands inside the system. Issues with burst pipes and nozzles can quickly become expensive to repair, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’ve thoroughly inspected the system before you can fully declare that it’s been winterized.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can properly maintain your sprinkler system, and what checks you can make at the end and start of each season to ensure your system continues operating long into the future? We encourage you to contact Spillers Sprinklers Inc. today and we will be happy to come out and conduct your sprinkler system checks in Southwest Ranches, FL. We look forward to working with you and delivering you the high-quality sprinkler system service you need.