We don’t have to tell you that mosquito bites aren’t fun. They constantly itch, and all of those raised little bumps on your arms, neck and legs are pretty unattractive. While unpleasant, those two side effects of mosquito bites are nothing compared to the diseases you could possibly catch from mosquito bites—that’s right, you can contract serious diseases from a simple mosquito bite!

Florida has 13 species of mosquitoes that can carry life-threatening diseases. That’s why mosquito control in Southwest Ranches, FL is so important, especially during the summer. Continue reading to learn more about three of the diseases you can catch from a single mosquito bite.

West Nile Virus (WNV)

West Nile virus is probably the most common disease that comes to mind when people think about mosquito-borne diseases. That’s because it’s prevalent in all 48 contiguous states, and it seems as if there’s a WNV outbreak in at least one state every summer.

The good news is that 80 percent of those bitten by a mosquito carrying WNV don’t show any symptoms. The most serious symptoms, which only appear in one percent of those bitten, include meningitis or encephalitis. Even though the chances of getting WNV symptoms are slim, you still need to be proactive and think about mosquito control in Southwest Ranches, FL!

St. Louis Encephalitis (SLEV)

Before WNV arrived in the United States, St. Louis encephalitis was the most common disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Cases of SLEV have dropped off significantly in the last few years. Interestingly enough, researchers think the drop-off in SLEV cases is because WNV infections provide immunity for birds carrying SLEV. You’d hate to be one of the few people who catches SLEV, though. Reach out to us to learn how we can help with mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (EEEV)

Surprisingly (and unfortunately) the eastern equine encephalitis virus doesn’t just affect horses. This mosquito-borne virus was first identified in humans 80 years ago, and is one of the most dangerous in our state. The virus thrives in our freshwater swamps and can even stay alive through the winter.

Symptoms of EEEV appear within 10 days of infection and include aches and pains, fever and increasingly painful headaches. These symptoms can worsen over the next two weeks. After the two-week time period, you’ll either begin to get better or develop signs of encephalitis.

What can I do to protect myself?

Don’t make yourself a human bullseye for mosquitoes and any related diseases this summer! The easiest way to protect yourself, your family members and your pets from mosquito bites is by installing a sprinkler system equipped with Mosquito Magician. One of our sprinkler systems will repel all of the mosquitos from your yard, kill any existing eggs and help ensure that they don’t come back!

Give Spillers Sprinklers Inc. a call today to learn more about how we can help with mosquito pest control in Southwest Ranches, FL. Though we can’t guarantee you’ll be safe from the diseases when you’re out and about, installing one of our sprinkler systems will help rid your yard of all mosquitoes.