Five Tips to Make Your Grass Rich, Green and Strong

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Everyone with a lawn knows that the greener and healthier it looks, the better. Sometimes, especially during times of extreme weather, it’s harder to keep up with your lawn maintenance, and you can develop bare patches and dead grass. The healthier your grass is, the longer it will last, and you can even use the grass clippings for compost or mulch. Here’s how to make your grass healthy and strong in Broward County, FL:

  • Choosing the right species for your area: There are many different types of grass, all which have different characteristics and needs. Some need plenty of sunshine to grow, while others thrive in shady conditions. Some have been bred for special purposes, like being strong enough to hold up to a lot of foot traffic, while others are bred for color and other features. If you’re not sure what kind of grass seed to pick, ask a professional at your local nursery or home improvement store.
  • Using fertilizer sparingly: Your grass actually doesn’t need that much fertilizer. Making a schedule is important to maximizing the health and strength of your grass, but use the fertilizer sparingly. Many people are tempted to overfertilize, assuming that more is better. This is actually a fast way to kill your grass completely. Only use the suggested amount on the appropriate schedule to help your grass flourish, instead of overfeeding it. There is such thing as too much of a good thing!
  • Pay attention to timing: You should have a specific schedule for both fertilizing and watering, so you’ll be never caught by surprise and start to develop brown patches. Be sure to consult the advice for your specific grass species. Your schedule will depend on humidity, the time of year, the weather in general and other considerations as listed. Be sure to follow them to the letter!
  • Choosing the right height for your type of grass: The ideal height for your grass depends on its type—some will flourish at an inch or two tall, while others need to grow to greater heights in order to thrive. Make sure that you have identified the correct height for your grass, and adjust your mowing schedule accordingly.
  • Have a reliable sprinkler system: Finally, a reliable sprinkler system is key to making sure your grass stays watered on the right schedule and the right amount. There are many systems that will help you stay on top of your grass’s individual needs, especially when you work with the experts at Spillers Sprinklers Inc.

Get help making your grass healthy and strong with a new sprinkler system in Broward County, FL

Spillers Sprinklers Inc. offers sprinkler installation and repair, at the most affordable rates in the area. In addition to sprinklers and related services, we also offer mosquito treatment to keep annoying pests out of your yard. Everyone needs sprinklers to keep their lawns looking healthy and strong—call us today to decide which system is right for you. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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