Farm and Garden Irrigation: What You Need to Evaluate Before Starting

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Choosing the right irrigation system is an important way to keep your crops and lawn looking lush, but what works for one garden in one climate may not work for another. Before you decide to start your farm and garden irrigation in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you need to critically evaluate your needs.

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Choosing your infrastructure

What kind of infrastructure you pick will depend on what kind of gardening or farming you’re doing, and what the climate is like in your area. Southeast Florida typically gets a lot of rainfall throughout the year, reducing the need for irrigation for some crops. However, if you have a garden or crop that needs watering multiple times per week, you may want to consider investing in a mechanized system.

If you choose underground pipes, this will require more time at the outset, but will also protect your pipes from the sun and other elements. You also need to decide whether you’ll irrigate from your outdoor faucet, which you can do by yourself, or if you’ll need to tap into the main water line, which requires professional installation.

Deciding on hardware

Next, you and your sprinkler installation company will decide on the hardware that’s right for your needs. This may include pumps, tanks, pressure regulators, pipes and tubing, valves and more. Based on what you’re trying to grow, your needs could be met by simple sprinklers, whereas other crops do better with drip emitters that deliver water directly to the surface of the soil.

Testing your soil

Finally, as you start evaluating your crops and land, the best way to determine how much water you’ll need is to start testing the soil for dampness every day. This isn’t complex—just stick your finger in the soil and see if it feels wet. Watch the weather, too—hot summers amplify the need for additional water, whereas summer thunderstorms help mitigate that. You’ll quickly determine the average number of days your garden can go without needing to be watered.

With careful observation and expert advice, you can create an irrigation system that will serve all your needs for years to come.

Get started on farm and garden irrigation in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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